Friday, November 21, 2008


Elsie-"Miss Jenny's hair isn't blonde anymore. I wonder how it changed colors."

Claira was pulling up to the kitchen chair one afternoon and fell, which happens at least once a day. I usually scoop her up and snuggle her until her cries fade away, but one particular day, Elsie ran to the living room and came back with her arms wrapped around Teddy. "She can hold Teddy for awhile until she feels better." It's these sweet exchanges that wrap the goodness of having two children around my heart. I'm a very blessed mother.

Each week, Elsie's dance teacher stamps the girls' hands when class is over. Last week, Elsie showed me her ballerina, and I was commenting on how nice it was and that I hoped she told her teacher thank you. "No, but no one else did either so it's okay." We spent the ride home talking about thankfulness (again) and how she should always be thankful for the good things she receives even when those around her don't. I also talked about how Jesus is the light of the world, and since we love Jesus, we should let His light shine through us. Thankfulness and good manners is just one way to let that light shine. After the next dance class, Elsie ran to me and showed me the stamp on her hand. We got her shoes and coat on and once we got buckled in the car, she said, "This time, I said thank you, and my light was so bright everyone else did too!"

Elsie-"You remember when Claira was at the hospital in that big plastic box? I want to do that again."
Claira in the plastic box:

One day, we were getting ready to leave the house, and I asked Elsie to get her shoes from the landing (our home is a split-level). When she got to the bottom of the steps, I asked if she'd bring up mine too. She said sure and made her way back up the stairs saying, "You'll have to get Claira's shoes though, Mommy. I'm not an octopus! I don't have a lot of arms. I only got two arms!"

Elsie had "foot lips" also known as Froot Loops to the rest of us as a snack today...she's been counting them to tell me how many she has left so every 5 seconds I hear, I've got 7 foot lips now! Now I've got 6 foot lips! It's making me laugh so hard my stomach hurts.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Claira!

I've been avoiding this post...mainly because I'm still in disbelief that my baby is a one year old. It doesn't even seem possible that it's been a year since this sweet, tiny baby joined our family. Still, the truth is there looking at me in everything my little lady does these days...whether she's pulling her big sister's hair, stealing Elsie's waffle, banging on the pots and pans, pushing chairs around to get from place to place in the kitchen or smooching on her baby dolls, there's something different about the tiny baby I cradled in my arms a year ago. Her birthday has come and gone now, and I can't help but wish for time to slow down for me to steal a few short moments with my girls and the way things are now. Honestly, their screams, both the squeals of delight and screeching protests, give me headaches, but they also put a smile on my face whenever I watch Elsie and Claira together...two sisters growing up together. It's lovely. I warn you that this may be the most picture heavy post ever.

Newborn Claira:

First Bath!

Claira-1 Month Old

Claira-2 Months Old

Claira-3 Months Old

Claira-4 Months Old

Claira-5 Months Old

Claira-6 Months Old

Claira-7 Months Old

Claira-8 Months Old

Claira-9 Months Old

Claira-10 Months Old

Claira-11 Months Old

Claira-1 Year Old
Her First Birthday Party at Grandma and Papa's House:
She was a bit unsure of the cake at first, and once she really squished her hands into it, she had a meltdown!

Claira's First Birthday at our house:

I can hardly believe how quickly this past year has gone by. I remember being pregnant with Claira and wondering how our lives would change once she arrived. Elsie and I had our own little thing going on, and it was hard to see how another little person would fit into that. Now, I can't imagine how our little family could be complete without the joy Claira gives us. She's become quite the little character in her own rights. As soon as I found out I was pregnant with Elsie, I started praying that she would have the heart of a worshipper, and that she'd love to honor the Lord through praise, worship, and prayer. Three and a half years later, I can see those prayers alive in Elsie everyday. When I found out I was pregnant with Claira, I started praying that this baby would know the heart of God and speak it forth. I thought for certain she'd be a boy, and I was wrong. When the sonogram told us we were expecting another girl, I knew she'd be one bold little girl, and she certainly is. I can hardly wait to see the plans God has in store for her.