Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Fest

Our church hosts a Fall Fest each year for the kids. We missed out on all the fun last year because Claira was making her debut. We made sure to share in the fun this year.

A hayride in the city:

Painting pumpkins with Lydia:

Miss Kim painting Elsie's face:

Claira playing with Mya (this is Lydia's little sister) while Elsie and Lydia got their faces painted:

They had a book for them to look through and pick out a design...I was a bit worried when Elsie picked this one because she's never had her face painted before. I wasn't sure she'd sit still that long, but she was a champ!

We had Claira's birthday party today...and I'm working on the post for that so stay tuned for lots of pictures!

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~aj~ said...

Very cute face painting!

Can't wait to hear about the big party!