Monday, April 27, 2009

Dress Codes

Didn't you get the memo? High heels are all the rage for cartoon watching and slipping and sliding through the kitchen. Stay tuned for more of the latest toddler trends!

Okay, seriously...Claira walks better in high heels (that are way too big) than I do!

Here's another one...just because this girl rarely smiles for the camera! The girls tend to camp out on the couch in the early evening while they're waiting on Daddy to come home.


Ami said...

So cute! I'm excited to see Scotch's interests as she grows... will she love high heels (and be able to walk in them better than I can)? :) I've missed reading about your girls - hope all is well.

tierd said...

Precious! Those shoes are in great shape - ours are pretty destroyed after owning them for several months!