Saturday, October 20, 2007

Prize Poop! from October 20th...

The paragraph below was saved in my drafts from last October...I decided to go ahead and post it a few months late because someone found my blog by searching for "I swallowed a coin what should I do?" I kid you not! So, I'm posting to give some peace of mind to anyone else who might stumble across my little hole in the internet that same way. Enjoy!

I'm happy to report that Elsie passed the penny this morning, and it showed no signs that it had dissolved at all. No ulcers in this house! Praise God that she passed it since I would've had to call the doctor today had she not. I'll admit that I had a couple visions of my very pregnant self, supposed to be induced in a couple of days self, worrying about my 2 year old going into surgery to have a penny removed. I'm thrilled that won't be necessary. This means that I can stop worrying and enjoy this last weekend that we have as a family of 3.

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