Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Circle of Life

If you have a four year old, you must know by now that it's quite a chatty age. All of that talking inevitably lends itself to interesting conversations. Today, we sat around the kitchen table, Jason and Elsie eating their "pasta and red sauce" while Claira and I ate shells-n-cheese with andouille. The food was delicious, but the real entertainment was our four year old. For some reason, Elsie was talking about chickens...

Elsie--"Farmers give their eggs to the chickens. That's how chickens get eggs. The farmers have to give them the eggs."
Mommy--"Where do the farmers get the eggs?"
Elsie--"From the store. If they run out, they have to buy some more."

So, there you have it...the circle of life according to a four year old city girl. Oh, and don't worry too much...Daddy made sure to enlighten her with new revelation about where eggs really come from, where the farmer gets them, and where the store gets them.

Right this moment, Elsie's sitting behind me painting a card for her great-grandma Eileen, and I asked her where eggs come from. Her response was, "Eggs come from chickens, and then they give their eggs to the farmers so we can buy them." See, homeschooling!


~aj~ said...

That is a cute story. :)

With all the spare time I'm sure you have (major sarcasm here), I think you should start a photography business on the side. That photo of Miss Elsie is just stunning. Of course it helps to have such beautiful subject material. :)

Mandalynn said...

Thanks, AJ! Are you going to bring your family up here so you can be my first clients?