Friday, March 13, 2009

Photo Wall

If you don't have one of these in your house yet, you might want one soon! If I could choose only one theme to decorate my entire house in, it would undoubtedly be photos of our little family. I'd say I've always been interested in photography, but starting a family with Jason and being blessed with our two daughters has given me a greater desire to capture all of our little moments of life on camera. Of course, the digital age has left me, like many others I'm sure, with a computer full of images and very few prints. So, what could be better than printing a few pictures you've taken and hanging them on your wall? I'll tell you...print them BIG! You won't be sorry! This is by far my favorite wall in the house now. I LOVE to look at it.

I got a bit of inspiration from my friend Jennie and printed up a few of my own pictures to start a photo wall of my own. I'll admit that I just picked a few favorites and didn't think much about how they'd all look together. Once they got here, I ran to Ikea for the photo ledge and several frames, trimmed the photos a bit, and put it altogether. I did have a little extra room so I grabbed that black and white photo of Elsie at 8 months, that was actually taken by Jason's Aunt Christina, and it fits in perfectly. I'm already brainstorming for ideas for a wall in the kitchen and one in our hallway that you can see from the living room so feel free to leave some ideas or links to the photo displays you have at your house!

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~aj~ said...

Love this it!

I just need you to come help me with mine. :)