Thursday, October 9, 2008


Today, Elsie came to me and held up her hands in front of her. "Mommy, have you ever seen this move?" she asked. Puzzled, I shook my head no. "Well, I did for the very first time today," she responded. She walked away repeating it to herself and moving her first, I didn't know if she was talking about one of her "tricks," but I really think she was just talking about the plain and simple movement of her hand. Silly girl.

Last night, all 4 of us were in the kitchen. Claira was eating a snack in her highchair, and Elsie was entertaining her. Then, Elsie got up to leave the room and told Claira, "Come see me if you need anything. My door is always open."

This month is Pastor Appreciation Month. On Monday, we made dinner and delivered it to our Pastors. I had bought them flowers and a card, and I asked Elsie if she wanted to color on the card. She did, and quickly began to fill the card up with circles (her specialty). As she colored, she said, "I sure hope Pastors like circles."


Martina said...

that is *SO* cute. one of these days i'm gonna catch all the cute things my kids say and document it on my blog...i promise!

you've got some super cute kiddos, that's for sure! :)

~aj~ said...


I especially love the "my door is always open". Where did she hear that one? So cute!

emily said...!