Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went to Goebbert's today with a large group of friends from church. It was a lot of fun aside from one detail. It was 80 degrees. In October. We were sweating. That didn't slow Elsie down though...she was on the move!

Elsie looking at the llamas. Last year, she spent a LOT of time letting them eat from her hand. This year she did it once, and it freaked her out. About two seconds after this photo was taken, a llama walked over to her, she FREAKED, and I was trying to juggle the camera and trying to get to her before she fell. Luckily, we had lots of friends with us and Danette rescued her!

Claira's funny face


Breanna, Elsie, and Riley in the corn stalk maze

Elsie during a (rare) still moment

We have to drive about 45 minutes to this pumpkin patch, but it's well worth the drive. We went for the first time last year, and it was cool they had a lot of cutouts for the kids to enjoy. I was pleasantly surprised that they seem to keep up with what's popular because this year they had a bunch of new ones: Arthur, the Little Einsteins, the Backyardigans, and Disney Princesses. There's lots of climbing toys too like a play train, bus, and ship. Needless to say, we had to try all of them out.

Most importantly, there are pumpkins! And lots of them!

Confession: I totally forced them to put jackets on before we left for these pictures...they were entirely not necessary, but I wanted it to look like we visited during October instead of July!


tierd said...

How fun! Fabulous pictures. The pumpkin patch looks great! Don't you love how they hold hands at this age? So, so cute!

Ami said...

Great pics! I love that you made them put on the jackets for those last shots! :)

~aj~ said...

I'll admit that I often cheat when I read blogs and I'll look at all the pictures before I read the text. So I saw the girls in those ADORABLE fall jackets and I thought "no was 80 degrees when we did our fall festival family pic". And then I read about how warm it was for you and you just put them in the jackets for cuteness sake. It made me laugh out loud.

Looks like an awesomely fun day...even without the fall weather!

Mandalynn said...

That IS funny! In my defense, the sun had started to set and it wasn't as hot when I forced the jackets on. Didn't you notice the short sleeves in all of the other pictures? There wasn't even a need for pants, but I don't feel comfortable putting shorts on them when we're surrounded by a bunch of many bugs. Still, there were a LOT of people in shorts and t-shirts yesterday.