Friday, October 24, 2008


The last time I remember seeing Teddy is when we went to Missouri in July for Eric and Randi's Wedding. He's been MIA since then, and we've heard about him daily. Whenever Elsie is tired, fussy, doesn't want to go to bed, hears thunder, gets hurt, wants to snuggle, she wants Teddy. We've searched our house from top to bottom with no luck. After 3 months of listening to her sad little voice say, "I want teddy. I miss Teddy." everyday, I ordered two new teddies as replacements. The bear originally came with the Teddy Bear Nursery from Little Tikes, and I can reorder it as an extra part from their website, but there was no picture. Naturally, I started to worry that they may have changed the style of bear or color of ribbon or something since we bought the nursery two years ago.

Well, they arrived in the mail today, and I was happy to open a box to some familiar faces. The package came while I was in the middle of doing a load of laundry, which means the girls were playing in the playroom so I had the perfect opportunity to open the box and stash teddy somewhere for her to find him. I stashed the extra teddy in a box on the shelf in our closet for safekeeping, and put the other teddy under Elsie's bed. Then, I went downstairs, finished my load of laundry, and brought the girls back up. Elsie was playing with her bunny rabbit, so I asked her if she'd seen Teddy lately? She said, "No, I miss him though," and I suggested she look for him. She wanted to know where so I told her to look behind the rocking chair, in her toybox, and finally underneath our beds.

I found Teddy!

She was literally jumping up and down while squeezing Teddy with all the strength she could muster. Almost immediately, she said, "Teddy, I'm taking dance class now!" She spent the afternoon showing him all of her new moves, and giving him more hugs. One thing's certain, this is one well-loved bear.


Julie said...

That post made me tear up a bit. You are *such* a good Mommy!

Chelsie said...

That made me want to cry too! You are a very good mommy! She loves her Teddy so much!

~aj~ said...

That is such a sweet, sweet story. And the pictures are priceless.

Very smart of you to buy an extra while you were at it.

I'm so glad Elsie and Teddy have been reunited. Now I need a Kleenex. :)