Thursday, June 5, 2008


Before I forget them...

A couple of nights ago, my Mom, Jason, and I were playing Skip-Bo. Elsie was sitting on Jason's lap and insisted on holding some cards of her own. Then, she matched her cards up with those in front of Jason.
Daddy: Elsie, wouldn't you like to help Mommy? I think she needs help.
Elsie: Well, she's not the only one who needs help!

My mom has had Lucky Charms for breakfast a few mornings this week. A couple of mornings ago she was making herself a bowl of it when Elsie told her, "I don't like that cereal. I just like the pretty things in it."

Lately, Jason and Elsie have been adding fun things when they say "I love you." Jason will say, "I love you, yabba dabba doo!" and Elsie will respond, "I love you too, dabba doo!"

They also came up with a little game using your hands as jellyfish. If you've seen "Finding Nemo" you know that you don't get shocked if you bounce on the top of the jellyfish. So, Elsie will touch Jason's hand...on top, she's fine, but if she touches the bottom of his hand, she gets tickled. This game has also carried over to our expressions, and we'll say, "Jellyfish, I love you" for no good reason but we're silly like that, I guess!


~aj~ said...

Adam only likes the pretty things in his cereal too. :)

Love the "love you" sentiments. So sweet!

Tierd said...

Very cute - love the games!