Saturday, June 14, 2008

My husband is a turkey!

Really, he is. I sent him off to the grocery store a little while ago. We sat down beforehand and made out our meal plan for the upcoming week and a grocery list. I told him to get stuff for guacamole so we could make it tomorrow. It was important to have the ingredients tomorrow because guacamole is something Jason really loves, and it requires cutting...and I got him a cutting board for Father's Day. He also got a GPS unit, but he completely knew about it because he picked it out, and he's been using it since before we went to Indiana. Anyway, the point is that the cutting board was a surprise, and those are hard to come by in this household. Well, he returned from the grocery store, we put the groceries away, and I sat down to check my email. Within about 2 seconds, I turned around to find him cutting into avocadoes already! Geez! So, I gave in and gave him the cutting board early.

You're down to one surprise, Jason, and you're not getting it before tomorrow! (P.S. Love you dearly!)

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