Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something this Mommy won't do....

I don't trim the girls' fingernails. When Elsie was a newborn, I did...very carefully, usually while she was sleeping. Then, one day I had an accident and got a tiny bit of her bled, she cried, but I cried longer and harder than she did. Since that day, I just don't trim her fingernails. I've never trimmed Claira's. It's Jason's job.
As mommies, there's very little we don't do. Remember all of those things we said we'd NEVER do before we became parents? Are there any left that you haven't done?

Anyway, if you're wondering where on Earth I've been...I'll tell you. I'm still around, but Claira has turned into a little lunging leopard or something. I used to be able to hold her on my lap, and I'd blog one handed. Those days are long gone because she won't sit still for two seconds. She's grabbing for the keyboard, reaching for the mouse, chewing on wires. It's nearly impossible to even read an email online. Type a blog entry? Forget about it!

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Julie said...

I do not clip fingernails either!!! Ugh! I hate it. That is totally a Daddy job as far as I'm concerned. I once clipped Zoe's finger when she was less than a month old and I've got post traumatic stress disorder from the whole ordeal. So I am totally with you on that!