Sunday, June 22, 2008


Elsie was helping me bake cookies this weekend. When I cracked open an egg, she asked, "Can I hatch one too?"

Though we know very little, we've been speaking more Spanish around the house lately. At dinner, Jason was telling Elsie how to say "please" in Spanish. Instead of "Por favor," she'd say, "Four Five Four."
He was also telling her that "C(Si) says yes," and she'd respond "A says no."

We went shopping at Toys R Us for the first time in a loooong time, and Elsie brought home a new doll and doll clothes. The doll clothes came out of the box first so she happily put those clothes on her dolls. When the new doll was taken out of her box, the first thing she did was start taking her shoes off. "Why are you taking her shoes off already?" I asked. Elsie answered, "Because she's home."

Elsie calls Claira's baby food "sauce."

I was in the kitchen and Elsie came in pushing a doll in her baby stroller. "I'm shopping, and my name is Ash-uh-ley," she told me. It was just funny the way she tilted her head to the side when she did it. Also, Ashley is a really great girl who just graduated high school. She goes to our church and sometimes leads the Praise and Worship for the 5 and under Children's Church. I just wanted to remember that she's someone she looks up to right now. Funny, I remember teaching Ashley in children's church, and now she's teaching my daughter. Am I really this old?

Jason's younger brother, Eric, is getting married in a few weeks. We've bought the girls dresses to wear, and I've bought a dress to wear so there's been some talk about the wedding. Whenever the subject comes up, Elsie thinks Eric is going to marry her. We can't convince her otherwise. I hope she isn't too disappointed when the big day arrives.


Doll Clothes Gal said...

Great "isms". Kids do say the cutest things sometimes. You should write them down for future reference!

Anonymous said...

great music email me I have alot of patterns or give me a call sure you know who this is.

~aj~ said...

I always love when you do Elsieisms. She is such a funny girl!