Friday, June 13, 2008

"I can say it now." -Elsie, the Commentator

Is that how you spell commentator? I'm not going to look it up. Two things really stand out in my mind lately about my growing three year old. The first thing is that she keeps a running tab on everything that's going on in our house, and she tells you about it. Constantly. She's always talking. If I leave the girls in the living room to use the restroom, Elsie runs to the door about every 5 seconds. "Baby Kella is chewing on her toy." "Baby Kella is laughing." "Baby Kella fell down!" You get the picture.

The other thing I've been hearing a LOT lately is "I can say it now." She'll say, "I can say Claira, Mommy. I can say it now." She still calls her "Baby Kella" though. Funny. Yesterday, she wanted yogurt after lunch. When I asked if she wanted vanilla or 'nana, she told me, "Don't say nana, Mommy. I can say banana now."

This is our third summer in Illinois, and I've measured her growth by the changes I see at the playground each year. The first summer, Elsie liked the slide, but we stood right beside her and guided her down. She also like the swings. There was no climbing ladders for her that year. Last summer, she screamed at the sight of the swings but loved everything else. And, she was ready to tackle the biggest slides and ladders with no help from Mommy. I spent the entire summer prepared for her leg to slip as she clumsily climbed up a ladder. It never happened. This summer, she's pretty self-sufficient on the slide. She climbs up the ladders quickly and effortlessly, and I don't worry at all. She does enjoy the swing again and beckons us to "push higher!" It seems that I've officially became a mommy to a big kid. Well, minus the potty training...whose terrible idea was that?!

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