Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Family Funnies

Last week, Elsie kept calling me "Miss Martin" and I couldn't figure out why. After a couple of days, I finally asked her why she was calling me that...she said, you're my teacher like Miss Martin on Caillou!

Earlier this morning, Elsie had asked for a drink so I went to the kitchen, and she followed. Claira army crawled after us, grunting her thoughts about the whole thing all the way. When she reached the doorway, I turned to her and said, "Hi, Claira." She stopped, smiled and waved, and then resumed her crawling and grunting pattern.

"You know you're growing when elastic doesn't fit." -Jason

"Don't play with my shirt, it's not a toy!" -Elsie to Claira



emily said...

GREAT photo! And funny about the grunt/stop/wave/continue...


~aj~ said...

I love bathtime photos. So cute!

Cheryl said...

"Don't play with my shirt, it's not a toy!" LOL!! I know what line you use with Elsie...we use the same one with Graham. Last week I heard him outside say, "no, no fly, the slide is not a toy!"

What precious memories they are creating for us!!