Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Right now

Claira is napping on the floor in Elsie's bedroom. Well, on a bed of blankets on the floor in Elsie's bedroom. Why? Because the door to our bedroom is locked. Why? Lately, Claira is giving Columbus and all other great explorers some competition as she crawls from room to room in search of new and exciting lands. In my effort to deter her, I closed all doors in the hallway today. Silly me. I didn't think the bedroom door would be locked when I closed it. And, there's no way to unlock it from the outside. This whole thing should be a piece of cake because the upstairs bathroom has entries from our bedroom as well as the hallway. But, on the other side of that door in our room is Elsie's bed so the door won't budge open more than an inch, and if I push too hard, it sounds like the door is going to crack. Oh, happy day!

Oh, and I've heard that the Locked Door Bandit looks strikingly similar to the Pumpkin Pie Snatcher. Imagine that!


~aj~ said...

Uh oh...Little Miss Sneaky struck again!

I assume you are in your bedroom by now. How did you end up getting in?

Mandalynn said...

Fortunately, Jason is much stronger than I am....he got a long piece of wood and was able to move Elsie's bed from under the bathroom door. I had tried that during the day with no luck. Apparently, his muscles are more effective than mine!