Thursday, August 21, 2008

This and That

Here are a few odds and ends that I missed out on posting over the last few weeks.

These are just a few pictures I've taken of Miss Claira...Isn't she sweet? I'm having Photoshop issues and really need to learn how to do it right...unfortunately, my free time is in severe lack mode so that won't be happening anytime soon. In the meantime, enjoy!

Claira, climbing all over Daddy. She doesn't sit still for a moment!

Last Saturday, we had a get together for small group. We had just seen Breanna the evening before when she went to see Wall-E with us so the girls were thrilled to see each other again. They ran off to play right away.

Aunt Angel the Great moved into an apartment a few months ago that doesn't have a laundry room so every once in awhile we get the pleasure of having her company while she does laundry here in between work at the church. We're always thrilled to see her, especially Elsie. Here she is trying on Aunt A's sunglasses. I'm still surprised she managed to get them back!

Yesterday, we were eating lunch in the kitchen when Elsie spotted a flower outside the window and told me about it...tada! Here's a couple of pictures of Jason and Elsie gardening all the way back in June...look at that sunflower now...they're HUGE, way taller than I am! We've also already had radishes, but there are little tomatoes and cantaloupes growing so I hope to be eating them soon. A storm a few weeks ago separated part of our fence, and some raccoons feasted on our corn before we got it fixed.


~aj~ said...

Claira is just too cute in that pink hat!

Angie said...

What sweet pictures!

emily said...

neat sunflower! Your little one is getting so BIG!