Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We're not morning people around here. The girls are both night owls, which works out okay for us because Jason usually gets home between 6 and 6:30...I know that in a lot of homes, it would be time for dinner, baths, and bedtime so I'm thankful we get extra time with the girls in the evening without the worry of getting them up early. On the other hand, it makes playdates and morning activities nearly out of the question. Storytime at 10:30?? I can't guarantee we'll be there...some days the girls are up at 8, and some mornings Claira sleeps until 11! I don't complain because she's still not sleeping through the, if it's a sleep in day, I'm all for it.

We're still co-sleeping, which makes nursing really convenient. Claira woke up this morning to nurse right as my phone rang, which woke Elsie up so I had her retrieve the phone for me. It was my friend Lisa asking if we wanted to go to JumpZone. I had no idea there was even one nearby so we got ourselves out of bed, fed, dressed, and in the car. Actually, I think JumpZone is a bit of a bargain...we usually pay about $4-$5 for a 10 minute jump in a small inflatable at carnivals around was only $8 for 3 hours of jumping fun. Anyway, Elsie had a great time running around with her friend Payton. Lisa and I got a chance to chat while watching the girls whiz by us in clouds of giggles.

Here's Elsie sliding down a giant dump truck.

Elsie and Payton on a much needed drink break.

Claira and I...about two minutes before she fell asleep...she looks tired here.


emily said...

how fun! Yay for getting up and getting ready!

~aj~ said...

So you really liked JumpZone? One just opened right next to Matt's work and I keep thinking we need to go do that one morning. Of course that means we'd have to get up and around early and we seem to have the same morning problems that you guys do!

The pic of you and Claira is really cute!

Mandalynn said...

It was really great, and you can buy a 6-pass for the cost of 5, which I thought was a good deal. Ours had the biggest inflatables I've ever seen: a giant gumball machine, a Sesame Street neighborhood, a Disney Princess castle, a circus tent, Batman, a dump truck, and a fire truck. They were all a lot of fun. Just don't forget your socks!