Monday, August 11, 2008

Pizza Party

A bunch of guys from church, including Jason, headed to Peoria for a Promise Keepers Conference Friday and Saturday. So, I invited Stef and her girls over to our house Friday evening so the girls could make pizza. Now, my intentions were to snap some cute photos of them making pizza. That did NOT happen. Things went way too quickly, and I was busy satisfying the chanting, "My turn!, Me next!, Hey! I wanted to do that!" not to mention the fact that I must've forgotten that 18 month olds still put everything in their mouth because I handed Mya a piece of dough to flatten, and she promptly tried to take a bite. Don't worry, I grabbed it back in the nick of time. Needless to say, I have zero pizza making pictures. Better luck next time. We did have a lot of fun, and it's super easy to do. Since I don't actually make the dough, we like to buy Pillsbury's Grands Biscuits and flatten them out into mini pizzas, then we just top them with some pizza sauce, pepperoni, and cheese and bake! They're pretty yummy too. Afterwards, the girls had plenty of time to run up and down the stairs making all the noise they possibly could.

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~aj~ said...

While daddy's away, the girls will play!

Sounds like a fun evening.