Thursday, September 4, 2008


Elsie- "Can we have a sleepover tomorrow?"
Mommy- "Sure, you can sleep over at my house."
Elsie- "Yippee!"

Elsie has a habit of asking someone what they want for no reason in particular. Every once in awhile, I'll tell her that I want a little bit of peace and quiet. Yesterday, Claira was being loud and fussy in the car, and Elsie said, "I need a big piece of quiet!"

Elsie has been obsessed with birthdays since she turned 3. She's been talking about her next birthday since, and she knows that my birthday is next, followed by Claira's, and finally hers. This morning, she came into the kitchen while I was toasting her waffles, and we had this conversation:
Elsie- "How old is Claira gonna be on her birthday?"
Mommy- "One."
Elsie- "Why?"
Mommy- "Because it's her very first birthday."
Elsie- "How old are you going to be?"
Mommy- "Twenty-seven."
Elsie- "I'm gonna be four."
Mommy- "Yes you are. You're such a big girl. What do you want for your birthday?"
Elsie- "A car. A car like you and Daddy."
Mommy- "You're not that big."

Daddy to Elsie-"Oh! You got me in the gullet!"
Elsie- "You got me in the gullah gullah island!"


Melinda said...

those are so cute!

~aj~ said...

3 years old and already dreaming of her first car! She's such a cutie. :)