Saturday, September 20, 2008

I love you in my heart

If Elsie loves something, she loves it in her heart, and she tells you so. Everytime. It's cute, I think.

We kept busy doing not much of anything this's funny how that works out sometimes. Claira still isn't feeling the greatest...runny nose and coughing along with teething. She has two teeth now! If I can get her to show them to me, I'll try and snap a picture, but I've only caught glimpses of them...she's keeping them all to herself for now.

Earlier this week, I was making lunch when I hear Elsie talking in the living room. "Isn't that the cutest thing you ever seen?" she'd ask, "I think I'll take a picture. Click!" I grabbed my camera to investigate and was informed, "I turned Claira into a princess!" when I entered the living room. So, I hereby introduce you to Princess Claira:

And here's Princess Elsie (because you can't take a picture of Claira without taking one of her too)

Actually, that's been a theme at our house lately. Claira likes to play with whatever Elsie is playing with...not always fun (or safe) when nearly 3 years separate them. Elsie wants exactly the same of whatever I buy Claira...I thought that phase was over, but apparently we're just gearing up for round 2.

Friday, we went shopping with Stefanie and her girls, Lydia and Mya, at the outlet mall. She was looking for dresses, and I mentioned that Elsie needed new shoes so we packed up the girls and got ready for some serious shopping. Taking your 3 year old shopping for shoes with her best friend isn't the best idea really. I don't know how many shoes (that were not even close to their sizes) I picked up and put back on the shelves. Elsie was in desperate need of tennis shoes though. Remember her first day of dance class? It rained that entire day, and I had to cram her feet into tennis shoes. The only shoes she has that fits are sandals. I can't complain too much because she's worn the same size shoe since the end of last summer. Still, I was surprised when I measured her yesterday, and she needs a size 11! No wonder I couldn't get her foot into a size 9! I'll have to take a picture of her modeling them tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon, I came home and remembered that it was the third Friday of the month and that Elsie's friend Breanna would be coming over to play. Usually, they play incredibly well together and you hardly hear two peeps out of them. Last night was a bit different. I think Elsie had already been spent during the day, and Breanna was fussier than usual as well. Still, they had fun.

Today, Jason went to the men's breakfast and did some work around the church. After he came home, we had lunch, and I laid Claira down for a nap. Then I snuck out to do some power shopping. Last Saturday, I went to Toys R Us and picked up the last birthday present I needed for Claira. Last Sunday, it went on sale. Go figure. So, I took my receipt in for a price adjustment. I filled the car up with gas, ran into WalMart for more children's Benadryl, got some quesadilla cheese from the Mexican grocery, and picked up some things for Claira's birthday at Party City. I realize it's a bit early for plates and cups, but I had received a coupon that expired tomorrow so I wanted to use it. We're having a ladybug party, and I promise you it's going to be super cute!

Now, we're hanging out and playing the Wii...which is a perfect end to a busy Saturday.


~aj~ said...

I don't think I knew you had a Wii. Aren't they fun?!

Adam is also in desperate need for new shoes (I finally ordered some online because taking him shoe shopping is NOT fun). He's a size 11.5. What's with these kids and huge feet?!

A ladybug party sounds like SOOO cute. Can't wait to see pics from it...and of Elsie's 2 new chompers. :)

PS It's only a tag if you wanna make it a tag (basically it doesn't bother me a bit if you don't pass it along), but I left you some blog lovin' on my blog early last week...just in case you missed it.

Ami said...

Aw... princesses. So cute! This is what I have to look forward to, huh? I've been re-reading a bunch of your posts since finding out our little one is a girl. It's so different from my boy experience. :)