Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ready for Church

Grandma Teresa bought these dresses for the girls earlier this summer, and I promised to take a picture of them together for her...the problem is that they wear dresses to church...and, we tend to be running late with no time before church and Elsie usually strips as soon as we walk in the door afterwards so pictures with them all dressed up don't usually get taken. So, it's not the greatest photo...but, they're still cute girls! Look at Claira...she's waving! That's cute!


Tim said...
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Melinda said...

So cute and I love those dresses!

~aj~ said...

Adorable dresses, but even cuter girls!

We are the same way about church pics. We are always looking our best on Sunday mornings, but NEVER have time to mess with photos. And then the clothes come off as soon as we're through the door (and not just by the kids either). It's like there is some rule that you have to watch football in your lounging-around-the-house clothes. lol