Sunday, September 7, 2008

Impromptu Picnic

Yesterday, I went to a baby shower for a friend and left the girls home with Jason. He was blessed by our friends Eli and Janette who dropped Breanna off to play while they attended a party for the older kids at church. It's always nice to have Breanna play with Elsie...they go down to the playroom together, and you barely hear a peep out of them. They work well together. Actually, I'd have to say that Breanna's easygoing and probably plays well with just about anyone.

Elsie woke up in quite a mood this morning so I tried to cheer her up by telling her we'd make a picnic and have lunch outside after church. She said that she wanted Lydia to come so I told her that we'd ask Lydia's Mommy...but only if Elsie stopped fussing and went to class. She did, and Lydia found me after church ready for a picnic. Breanna was with the girls, and Lydia asked if she was she did as well. I had the girls link hands, and we headed for home. Jason got caught up chatting so he came in the door a few minutes after us. The girls were already downstairs playing, and Jason and I were talking about the service while I nursed Claira. Now, getting Elsie and Lydia together is totally different than getting together with Breanna. They usually have a rough start...and it's usually a loud one. As Jason and I were talking, we each called out to them to share and play nicely a few times. After about 15 minutes, I commented that you couldn't even tell that Breanna was down there..."Breanna's here too?" Jason asked. My point exactly.

After I had nursed Claira, I made the girls some PB&J sandwiches, grabbed some crackers and vanilla wafers, and headed outside with a large blanket that we spread out beneath a tree. Elsie ate pretty steadily while Lydia played and inhaled her entire sandwich in record speed...then they begged for extra cookies while Breanna was still finishing her sandwich. After everyone was finished, they played on the swingset. It was really a great day for a picnic. It was sunny so not too cold, but the air is crisp and there's a cool breeze usually blowing.

I'm working on something cute that I can hopefully print for each of them from today...but here are a few pictures.

In the playroom:

Picnic Pals:




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~aj~ said...

You got some fantastic photos. Their moms will love them!