Monday, September 29, 2008


Friday was my birthday, and Elsie was talking about it all day long...mostly asking me about my cake. Now, I really hadn't planned to have a cake. Wahoo, I'm 27. Her response? "But Mommy, you have to have a cake for your candles!" Of course. So, she said she'd call Daddy to tell him I needed a cake. She got on the phone, and he must've been asking her what kind to get because she asked me "what color I wanted?" I told her, "That depends where it's from." "It's from Daddy!" she told me.

We often call Elsie (and Claira too) a turkey when she's getting into mischief. Lately, she's not too fond of nicknames so whenever we call her a turkey, she snaps right back, "I'm ONLY ELSIE!---and beautiful" or "I'm ONLY ELSIE!---and sweet."

Elsie had dance class today, and I had a headband in her hair to keep the wispies from her ponytail out of her eyes. After class, we stopped by the mall for some pajama shopping. At one point, she crawled out of the stroller which caused her headband to slip off. She picked it up and sighed, "Mommy, please fix my hair. I just can't look like this."

Oh, and have I mentioned, she wants to be Cinderella when she grows up. Just ask her.

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tierd said...

Too cute!

And Happy Belated Birthday! Ah, to be 27 again!