Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Bagel Snatcher

Elsie had three (mini) bagels for breakfast this morning. She finished the first one and asked for another, which I gave her. Then, I was checking my email while she ate the second bagel and watched Curious George. When she came in the kitchen to ask for a third bagel, I asked her what happened to hers...since she has a habit of asking for something when she hasn't finished what she already has. She told me it was in her mouth, but I asked her to go get it for me anyway...she runs back into the living room and comes back empty handed. "I think somebody just take it," she tells me. I ask her who took it and she says her mouth while she opens wide for me to look. This explanation, "I think somebody just take it," is gaining popularity at our house. We also have doll snatchers at our house and who knows how many different kinds of snatchers are living here with us. Only time will tell.

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