Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Top Eight (because I couldn't think of ten) Reasons a Mother of Two Might Run

8. Hearing your toddler say, "Do you want a bite of my cookie?" to your 3 month old.

7. An unexplained loud thud, thump, bang, or crash. Take your pick.

6. The noise explained above followed by a loud, piercing cry.

5. A knock on the door when you happen to be walking by it in nothing but a towel that is actually your two year old's since you still need to put the load of towels in the dryer.

4. Hearing your toddler fall from the top of her play kitchen. Don't ask.

3. Anytime you see your toddler headed toward your 3 month old with a blanket, especially if it looks like this when she tucks in her baby dolls.

Do you see a doll there? Me neither.

2. Hearing the water in the bathtub running when you're home alone with your toddler.

1. Hearing the door open while you're getting dressed.