Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mr. Golden Sun

Jason had a meeting after church this morning, so I took both of the girls to the nursing mother's room with me so I could feed Claira. Well, our children's church is called Light Church, and they have a mascot named Blaze who's a big sun. Elsie just calls it, Mr. Sun. Well, when not being used, the costume is stored in the nursing mother's room. We walk in and Elsie gets all excited...she runs over to the sun shouting, "Mr. Sun! Mr. Sun!" She reaches him with her arms open wide and then stops, turns around with her hands on her hips and says, "Hey, Mr. Sun's not hugging me!" It was cute. I told her he must be sleeping, but then she went on to ask where his eyes were, and she tried to talk me into putting his big shoes on...I'm just thrilled that xhe seems to have gotten over her fear of dressed up characters. We took her to meet Bob and Larry from the Veggietales at Family Christian last summer, and she was hanging onto Jason and I for dear life!

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