Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Smuckers vs. My Big Toe

So, I'm sitting here typing one handed, which I do several times a day because I'm usually nursing at the keyboard. However, I'm typing one handed right now because one hand is wrapped around my throbbing big toe!

You see, Elsie had the last mini-bagel for breakfast this morning. I had toast and happened to leave the jelly out on the counter. So, when Elsie asked for another bagel, I talked her into having a cake (frozen waffle) instead. It happens to be the last frozen waffle too so I give the package to Elsie to throw away, and I turn around to put the waffle in the toaster and put the jelly away when I'm hit from behind! My legs buckle, and I end up with a jar of jelly on my big toe! For those of you who don't know, if you put your big toe in the ring up against a jar of jelly, the jar of jelly is going to win! Take my word on it. It will save you much pain! Now, my toe has a big purple dot in the middle of it. I hope it's going to be toe hasn't turned completely black or anything crazy like that. Actually, now that the pain has lessened a bit, I'm wowed by the fact that all of the jelly still remains in the jar and I'm thinking that my toe stopped that jar from shattering into a trazillion pieces! That's modern day heroism if you ask me!

Well, I suppose I should go put that jelly away now! Pray for me!

Oh, here's a picture of my big case you don't know, it's hard to get a good close up in focus on such a small thing! Please excuse the lack of nail polish. I do have an almost three year old and an almost 3 month old, you know...and, it's winter! Anyway, you can kind of see where the purple dot is in the middle. It kind of looks like a shadow, but I assure you it isn't!

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