Friday, January 25, 2008

Have you seen my patience?

It's not even lunch time yet, and I seem to have misplaced it. Elsie had a cheese sandwich and yogurt for's just been that kind of morning.

I got a call from Fisher Price this morning. They wanted me to ship the Dora Cuddle n Care dolls along with the American Girl dolls to them. Riiiiggggghhhhtt. They're launching an investigation. That's what the lady on the other end of the phone told me. I told her, as nicely as humanly possible, that it didn't seem right that I supply them with a $100 worth of dolls for their investigation if they won't return the dolls and I may or may not get reimbursed for them. "It's policy," she says. Anyway, I managed to work it out so that I'm keeping the American Girl doll that was not affected and sending all of the other dolls. She has assured me that they will return the American Girl doll to me (and they better!) So even if I get nothing for the damage, I can still replace the head myself and have two dolls again. But, now that I'm thinking about it, they should definitely give me the money to replace the head...they're basically renting my doll! Besides, that's my policy.

I was supposed to get a visit from Exam One yesterday. They come to your house and draw your blood. I got a call yesterday morning from the lady, and her car wouldn't start...after all, it was only -30 here yesterday. So, we rescheduled for this morning. She showed up 45 minutes early! You don't do that to a woman with a toddler and an infant IN THE MORNING! Elsie was still in her pajamas, and I hadn't even combed her hair yet! And, I was nursing when she knocked on the door. She also called to say she was here and asked if it was alright that she was early...did she think I would say no when she's standing on my porch? Anyway, I told her that it was fine but I was nursing so she went back to her car for a couple of minutes while I put my milkers away. When she came in, she asked for my kit which I gave to her and she asked if I would be mailing it. I explained that the instructions I'd received were to refrigerate it until Monday if it's drawn on a Friday. Apparently, her instructions say not to draw on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday! So, she packs her stuff back up to return sometime next week. Hopefully, it works out and we get this done because my freezer is full of frozen breastmilk! I'm not joking...there is at least 500 ounces in there! I need room for food! Also, some of that milk is from November so the time limit is about to run out on it, and I'd like to get it all donated before that. That's right, I'm donating my milk! With Elsie, I pumped exclusively for 14 months and struggled with my supply the whole time. Now, I have so much that I'm sharing it with America! My, how the tables have turned. Praise God!

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