Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oooohhhhh Mommy! You got slimed!

I heard this just a few minutes after I finished nursing Claira earlier this morning. She's usually a very good burper, but sometimes she takes awhile and I end up getting "slimed" as Elsie apparently likes to call it. Have you ever noticed how toddlers come up with things out of nowhere? I have no idea when Elsie might have come in contact with the word slime or actual slime. As far as I know, I've never seen an episode of Strawberry Shortcake or the Little Einsteins with slime. It's one of those unanswered questions, I guess.

Last night, I went to the restroom and, as usual, Elsie a.k.a. Tagalong, was at my heels the whole way. When I reached the restroom, she grabs my arm and hollers, "TAG, you're it!" I think that must've come from her friends at church. Actually, I bet it came from a little boy named Sammy, whom Elsie adores. That reminds me of a conversation we had a few weeks ago on the way home from church. Elsie and several of the younger kids at church were playing in the sanctuary when I overhear Sammy telling her, "Elsie, tackle me! Tackle me, again!" Now, talking, dancing, giggling in the sanctuary are all things I find tolerable; however, I'm not sure tackling is appropriate. So, I gather Elsie and once we're all ready, we head to the car. On the way home, Jason and I are trying to explain to her that's it's not okay to tackle boys...or girls. The conversation goes a little something like this.

Mommy: Elsie, you have to remember to be good in the sanctuary. Running, wrestling, and tackling is not okay.

Daddy: Mommy's right. You shouldn't tackle little boys.

Mommy: Or little girls. You just shouldn't tackle.

Elsie: (exasperated) Oooookay.

Mommy: You can give hugs though.

Elsie: and kisses!

Daddy: Well, no kisses for the boys. Save your kisses for Mommy and Daddy.

Mommy: So, you can give hugs or you can shake hands. Shaking hands is good.

Elsie: Okay, then I can throw them on the ground.

LOL! What a little character we have! I hope she feels the same way about boys when she's 16, but somehow I doubt I'll be that lucky. On the plus side, I haven't noticed any tackling since.


manda said...

lol to cute. Something my son would say. He likes to wrestle with anyone who will with him.

Julie said...

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