Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Claira is 8 months old

and has been for like a week...but, here I am, finally writing about all of her latest accomplishments. She's definitely got the hang of solids down and just tried bananas for the first time last night. Jason couldn't feed them to her fast enough and she'd fuss each time he got too slow. From what I hear, Jason was that same way as a baby so she gets it honest.

She's not up on her hands and knees or crawling yet (not that I'm trying to rush it...she can take her time) but she can get to where she wants to go by rolling and scooting. She's all over the place. If she's sitting up on the floor playing and wants something, she'll just lean forward to lay herself down and she'll find a way. Trust me. She's not pulling up yet, but she can stand holding onto something.

Separation anxiety is in full swing. If she's left alone in a room, you'll hear about it immediately.

Her favorite things to say are Da-da and bubbabubububba. She can say others as well, but those are what I listen to allllll day long. She loves books, mostly eating them. I'm pretty sure Elsie learned to turn pages at 8 months old, but Claira is only interested in how the books taste. She still loves music so she likes to be sang to and at times, I'll find her "singing" herself. She likes to be held but not necessarily cuddled so when she snuggles into my shoulder, it makes it that much more sweet.

She loves to be outside and is pretty content whenever we're outdoors. She's much more serious than Elsie ever was or is for that matter. I can already tell that she's thoughtful.

Without further ado, here's the lady of the hour.

I acquired some paper earlier this month so I had to redo the teacup pictures. Here's a cute one.

After this, her smiles all but disappeared, and she became fascinated with the light streaming through the windows so it was hard to get her attention, but she's still as cute as can be.

A couple with big sister:


Tierd said...

GREAT pictures! Your girls are precious. Graham is the same way about books - not very interested, but Lainey adored them and still does. Isn't it crazy how different they can be? Happy 8 months to your sweet baby girl!

~aj~ said...

Such sweet pictures!

Adam was a book eater as well. Some got so bad that they actually had to be thrown away. I worried about his bowels quite often. :)

Wanted to let you know that I'm very interested in trying the letteroftheweek stuff. I spent a long time on their site last night. Could I have you email address to talk about stuff or to ask you questions from time to time? Mine is

Mandalynn said...

Sure! You can reach me at I'll warn you though. I may actually start the program over from the beginning after next week because Elsie and Claira have been under the weather this week, and next week we'll be out of town for a wedding. You may pull ahead of us! Feel free to chat with me about it anyway! Hopefully, I'll get in a good groove when we return and I'll try to post more entries about it. I think I'd love to find someone in my own shoes posting about their experience so I might try and do that for someone else.