Saturday, July 12, 2008

Parenthood is a great excuse to...

eat sugary cereals.
go to the park.
watch Saturday morning cartoons.
chase down the ice cream truck.
lay in the grass and watch the clouds roll by.
go to the library for storytime.
catch fireflies.
buy sidewalk chalk.
bake cookies.
cut sandwiches into fun shapes.
sit in a kiddie pool on a hot summer day.
visit the children's museum.
watch all of those Disney movies you love.
have a picnic.
make something out of popsicle sticks.
laugh out loud for no reason at all.
take a walk.
run through sprinklers.
visit the zoo.
get down on all fours and act like a cow.
play dress-up.
build a giant block tower.

I've been thinking about the simple joys that parenting brings to our everyday lives. Feel free to add your own!


~aj~ said...

I love this!

Tierd said...

This is great ... and I so needed to read it today. Thanks for reminding me that there ARE fun things about this job ... hee hee :)

emily said...

I may be a big, emotional dork... but this totally brought tears to my eyes.


Thank you.

(May I post it on my blog, and credit you??)