Thursday, July 31, 2008

Claira is 9 months old!

This month, Claira has definitely gained in the mobility department. Instead of rolling over to get where she's going, she's army crawling all over the place now. She can get up on her hands and knees, but she's not there long before she just slinks back down to the floor and takes off scooting. Just this morning, she decided to try her luck at venturing out of the living room into the hallway and toward the kitchen or bedrooms. It's an adventure she's repeated several times today, which only seals our fate for the weekend. We HAVE to put up a baby gate at the top of the stairs.

Claira's mobility made it much more interesting to try and get pictures of her today. She does not want to sit still.

I just think she looks sweet in this one.

I need to find the photo, but I got Elsie's 9 month pictures taken in these same overalls. She's standing up and leaning on a pink stool. We have the same stool from Ikea so I'm going to try and recreate the photo with Claira on Saturday. I'll need Jason's help for it, and the lighting is best in the morning. Here she is today though.

I love all of her funny expressions. She did sit still for these, but I don't think she liked the paper beneath her at all.

Claira is still smitten with her big sister. Right now, she loves music and is drawn to the source of it whenever she hears some. She's started "dancing" by waving her arms up and down. She also learned to wave this month, which is so cute to see. We're working on clapping. She likes all the baby food she's tried, though we noted a particular fondness for bananas. We're still working on table foods. She's been happy to try things like mashed potatoes, and she's sucked the juice out of cantelope. She doesn't eat them, but Gerber Puffs have helped her perfect her pincer grasp.

My sweet Claira.


Tierd said...

Sweet girl! I LOVE the sleeping picture - what an angel.

~aj~ said...

She is such a sweetheart. I also love that last picture. It just melts my heart!

emily said...

i love your photos of her-- they catch her sweetness!