Friday, July 11, 2008

The Lifecycle of a Nickname

Claira was born on October 31st. Being a fall baby, she got a sweet little pumpkin hat at the hospital. Elsie was Elsie Pie before she was born and is still Elsie Pie or just "Pie" 3 1/2 years later. While pregnant with Claira, she became Claira Belle, and that has really stuck. But, this little pumpkin hat inspired me and she quickly also became "pumpkin pie" which turned into "punkin pie" which then became "punka pie" which turned into "punkers" and has now evolved into "punk." How awful is that? In defense, I'm completely thinking about that little pumpkin hat whenever I call her "punk." And, she doesn't get called that too often, maybe once a day...I still use "punkers" more often than punk, but Jason doesn't like it at all. He calls her "Peanut." I also call her "Sissy" which is sweet to me because that's a name I know well. It does pose a slight problem though. I grew up in a house full of boys so I was the only "Sissy." Around here, we've technically got two. Do we call them both "Sissy." Elsie has been known to say, "Call me Sissy!" or "I'm Punkers too!" Regardless of the many nicknames my daughters endure, none are as bad as the one my mother bestowed upon me. That name is unmentionable.


Tierd said...

Well now I am very curious about your nickname!

Sissy is my nickname for Lainey but she often says "I'm NOT Sissy! I'm LAINEY!" So I guess it won't stick! She wants nothing to do with acknowledging the fact that she is a sister. Silly girl.

Cute post!

Mandalynn said...

Just imagine something dreadfully awful and it's worse than that, I'm sure. Then, imagine your mother calling it out across Kmart when you're 12. Yes, that really happened. Love you, Mom!

~aj~ said...

Well now I'm totally curious too. You're going to have to share it with us. Have to!!!

Punk may not sound like the best nickname, but I think the story behind it is very cute. Punkers is cute too. :)