Monday, July 14, 2008

Favorites (and other very important stuff): An Elsie interview by Mommy

Mommy: What's your favorite color?
Elsie: Purple!
Mommy: What's your favorite t.v. show?
Elsie: Well, I think maybe Arthur.
Mommy: What's your favorite food?
Elsie: Fish sticks.
Mommy: What's your favorite book?
Elsie: Um...Bob and Larry
Mommy: What's your favorite toy?
Elsie: Daddy!
Mommy: (still laughing) What's your favorite day?
Elsie: Wednesday.
Mommy: Where's your favorite place to go?
Elsie: Um. Um. What?
Mommy: Where's your favorite place to go?
Elsie: Um. Missouri. I mean...Um. I don't know!
Mommy: Who's your best friend?
Elsie: Lydia.
Mommy: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Elsie: A firefighter.
Mommy: (puzzled) Why?
Elsie: I want to be a firefighter because they have to have a hose to get water.
Mommy: Ooookay. (laughing) Thank you for the interview.
Elsie: Thank YOU for the interview!


~aj~ said...

With your permission, I would love to steal this idea. Her interview is SOOOO cute!

Angie said...

Favorite toy= Daddy! How cute!! Still laughing. :-)

Lisa said...

Too cute. I love her reason for wanting to be a firefighter.

BTW I found your site by way of the Nov. 07 board on NBBC :)

emily said...

ACK! I LOVE this girl, and I haven't even met her!!

Tierd said...

Ohh, I want to steal this idea too - adorable!

(For some reason, when you comment on my site, the link is broken. Wanted to tell you in case it's something you can fix next time you comment!)

Too cute!