Friday, July 11, 2008

Elsieisms (with special appearance by Claira)

We call each other turkeys around the house all the time. Really, we say it with love and everyone is a turkey eventually. Last night, Elsie told me that Daddy had called me a turkey so I told her that she should say, "Hey there, Brusselsprouts!" when he came into the room--mostly because I thought it would sound funny coming out of her mouth. Much to my dismay, she said it perfectly so it didn't sound funny at all. So, I told her to call him rheubarb. Then, she chased him down and I hear her say, "Hey, Barbecue!"

If you squint your eyes and scrunch up your nose at Claira, she'll give you some of her best smiles and giggles. Then, she'll squint and scrunch right back at ya.

Last night, Jason was on a search for the Book of You & Me. It's a book that Elsie really loves and would probably love to pieces if she was left with it for long. I had put it up on top of the fridge about a month ago so I was surprised when she went to Jason and asked him to "read the book Mommy and me made you for a gift." How sweet is that? What's really great is that she had such a part in making it that she can pretty much read it herself.

Claira enjoys playing with her feet while she's nursing.

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