Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

In Heaven, all children are surely potty-trained. Subsequently, our home has been quite heavenly the past two days. Elsie did really great yesterday. She peed in the potty 4 times all on her own. She just tells me when she's done, "Mommy! I went potty!" and we celebrate with two m&m's. Last night, she was rewarded with a new Barbie Doll from Big Lots. (For those of you who don't know, Big Lots has barbie dolls for $5, and they're actually wearing clothes. The $5 barbies at WalMart and Target are just wearing bikinis.) Anyway, she did have one accident at about 9:30 last night when she pooped her pants, but I'm still quite thrilled with her progress. She doesn't usually wake up dry so we're still putting a diaper on her at night and will continue to do so until she starts waking up dry most of the time. This morning, we put panties on her as soon as she woke up, and she's gone potty twice today already with no accidents. I'm in love with this child. It took her forever to get ready, but it sure has been easy now that she is ready. Hooray!

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Tierd said...

GREAT NEWS - YAY ELSIE! I'm so happy for you!!!

Number two took a little longer for Lainey to get the hang of. And she's no where near staying dry at night.

Go Elsie Go!