Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Google Tag

Emily did this recently so I'm taking a turn at it. If it looks enjoyable to you, do your own google tag on your blog, and leave me a comment about it so I can check it out.

The Rules:
For each question, look up the answer in a Google image search. Then choose your favorite from the first page of results only.

Here's mine:

My Age:

A place I'd like to travel to:

My Favorite Place:

My Favorite Object:

My Favorite Food:

My Favorite Animal:

My Favorite Color:

The Town Where I Was Born:

The Town Where I Grew Up:

The Town Where I Live:

A Past Pet:

A Past Love:

My Best Friend's Nickname:

My Screen Name:

My First Name:

My Middle Name:

My Last Name:

One Of My Bad Habits:

My First Job:

My Grandmother's Name:

What I Am Doing Right Now:


~aj~ said...

Very cool. I will probably have to try this at some point.

Julie said...

Very cute!

emily said...

okay, okay--- so I'm WAY late in commenting on this, but COOL pictures!

The flowering orchard is amazing, Greece is a dream of mine, too... and I love the fall photo of, is it Monticello??...
Anyway, cool stuff!

Mandalynn said...

The photo of the orchard is amazing so I couldn't help but choose it even though I had actually googled "home" and it didn't really fit that at all. And yes, it's Monticello. Funny, Jason had no idea it was the name of the house and really thought it was a picture from the city where I was born.

Ami said...

I've been such a slacker lately with my blog, but decided to give this a try. I'd received it in an e-mail, too, so I added a 'rule' about using something from the first page as that was how it was worded there. Anyway, if you want to check it out, feel free. :)