Tuesday, July 15, 2008


A couple of nights ago, Elsie dragged out the box of blocks to do some building with Jason. She kept saying, "You build a tower Daddy. I can't do it cause you're better." So, I told her that she should keep building and practice so she'd get better like Daddy, maybe even better than Daddy." It worked like a charm, and she did improve her tower building abilities. Since then, everytime I ask her to stop doing something, she responds, "I can't stop now. I have to practice and get better."

Waiting for her waffle to be toasted, Elsie chanted, "Puff up, waffle! Puff up!"

We're leaving tomorrow to head to Missouri for Eric and Randi's wedding. When I wrapped their wedding gift, Elsie asked, "Is that a present for ME?" I told her that it was a wedding present for Uncle Eric. She said, "It is a present for me and Uncle Eric's wedding!" She's going to get her first broken heart very soon. I'm praying that it's not accompanied by a total meltdown in the middle of the ceremony, especially since Jason is in the wedding so I'll have both girls all to myself.

Today, she keeps telling me that she's bored (probably because Mommy has been sick and not playful for several days now). Anyway, I keep giving her things to do: pick up toys, color, read stories, do a puzzle, take her doll for a walk, make funny faces at Claira....the list goes on, but she keeps saying, "That's not in-ter-ustin uhnough." She can say interesting so I'm not sure why she's stressing the syllables in such a funny way, but it keeps making me laugh at her.

Elsie has been driving me crazy by changing her clothes five times a day for weeks now. This morning, when she was on her third outfit, I asked her why she needed different clothes, and she said, "Because that's how they do it." So, I asked, "Who does what?" and she told me, "The kids on t.v. Watch them, and their clothes change." Then she turned the t.v. on and said, "Watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 for a little bit of while, and you'll see." The show wasn't on, but I do understand what she means. Their clothes do change in a single episode sometimes. I don't think she understands the concept of time changing in t.v.land. I'm amazed that she was so observant about it and felt the need to apply it to her own life. Silly girl.


Martina said...

i forgot to send good vibes your way!!! i hope it all turned out great and can't wait for you to get back to postin'!

~aj~ said...

I can't believe she noticed that about outfits on television! She's super observant!

I didn't realize you were sick last week. Hope you're feeling lots better and that you had a great time on your trip!