Friday, May 2, 2008


Elsie: "Hotscotch! Let's play Hotscotch!"
Mommy: "What's hotscotch?"
Elsie: "Weeelllll. I don't know."

I was talking on the phone with Jason when Elsie came and climbed up on my lap.
Elsie: "Is that Daddy?"
Mommy: "Yes."
Elsie: "Is it MY Daddy?"
Mommy: "Yes, silly."

I laid Claira down for a nap in our bedroom when Elsie came bouncing down the hallway.
Elsie: "I want to give my sister a hug!"
Mommy: "Claira's sleeping so your hug will have to wait. Let's go read a story."
Later, Claira woke up, and I laid down next to her. Elsie crawled onto the bed with us. She gave Claira a hug and said, "Mommy, Claira and I can be together after all."

Elsie: "I want Daddy to stay at home. Why does he have to be gone?"
Mommy: "Daddy has to go to work."
Elsie: "Or I can't have socks to wear?"
Mommy: "Probably not...we wouldn't have money for socks if Daddy didn't work."
Elsie: "Well, I like socks."

Daily, Elsie will tell me that Claira is her best sister or her favorite sister. It's sweetness, I tell you!

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emily said...

I LOVE when you post these... Dang that girl makes me laugh!!