Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I love a long weekend.

I know, I know...who doesn't love a long weekend? I certainly enjoy it. We got a lot of things around the house done, errands were completed, family time was enjoyed, and we got to relax. It's not every weekend that all of those things get accomplished. Actually, most weekends I feel like we don't get to sit still for long at all because we're so busy, especially during the summer.

Anyway, much of Saturday was spent running shopping, getting the oil changed, etc. I went to Crate and Barrel in search of large coffee mugs and found some! The last time we had small group at our house, everyone was somewhat disappointed that we didn't have coffee in the house. Jason drinks tea, and I occasionally like to add some coffee to my creamer, but I stay away when I'm pregnant or nursing. Anyway, we've got about 3 large, mismatched coffee mugs. It's hard to find large, 20 oz. Last week, I finally found 20 oz. coffee mugs online at Crate&Barrel so I took a drive there to pick some out. Big, white mug...perfect! Now, I need to order some coffee for our Keurig, and the small group groupies will be happy.

On Sunday, Pastor Mike preached about the power of our testimony and how it can serve to increase our faith. Also, he added that by reminding ourself of our testimony often, it'll be easy to share when given the opportunity because it's something we really know well, and we won't have to think about the details. Anyway, I don't think I've actually shared the testimony of how I got saved so it's on my To Do List. Maybe next week.

We did share our testimonies at small group after church. It never ceases to amaze me how God seems to pick people from different areas and bring them together to form a congregation of people to love, worship, seek, and follow Him. Everyone has a story about how they found our church. Telling my own story and listening to the stories of others really showed me how important it is to know your story but also to know the stories of those around you. God calls people to churches. That's something Jason and I have believed for quite awhile, but it's really so true. God has a spot for you. In many cases, He has it all carved out just right and is waiting for you to enter in. How Great is our God!

Okay, I'm reeling myself back in...I'll share soon, I promise. I made baked beans for small group on Sunday, and apparently I'm about the only person in the whole world who doesn't like them. Who knew? They were a smash hit, practically all of them were eaten, and I must make them again. Anyway, when we pulled back into our driveway afterwards, I asked Jason if he would get the beans. Elsie piped up from the backseat, "I'm not the beans! I'm the pie!" It was so funny. She's been Elsie Pie since she was in the womb, it just stuck, and sometimes we just call her Pie or Sweet Pie. I found it hilarious that she thought I was calling her Beans!

On Monday, we just hung out around the house. Jason, Elsie, and I went outside to play on the swingset while Claira napped inside. It was a bit too windy for her. Elsie would not slow down enough for a decent picture...Surprise, surprise. But, here are some of her on the go.

Claira, lounging with Daddy after her nap:

Later in the evening, we went back outside to grill and Aunt Angel and Uncle Mitch stopped by to visit. They are so much fun to have around. Elsie always keeps both of them running around with her, especially Mitch. We were flying kites, blowing bubbles, taking wagon rides, tossing a frisbee, and playing Drive thru using the wagon as a car. Please excuse the blurry bubble picture and remind me to show Jason how to switch my camera to Auto. To his credit, he also took the photo of Claira.

Monday evening, Claira tried squash for the first time, and she was not happy about it at all. She cried, wailed, spit squash at us, and pleaded, "bub, bub, bub!" until we gave in and put the squash away. We tried again last night, and she did much better. She doesn't like it as much as peas...she's quite a bit messier with the squash, but she did finish it, so that's major progress.

Obviously, she isn't used to the flash! I scared the fussing right out of her with it!

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Camille said...

Its been a really long time since I have seen you guys. I really hope to see everyone at the wedding. Orlando and I send our best. I just wanted to drop you a hello.