Friday, May 9, 2008

Paging Dr. Elsie

Elsie got a doctor kit for Christmas. It comes out to play at least once a week. Yesterday happened to be one of those days. She followed me around most of the day with her stethoscope hanging from her neck and listening to my heart. "Are you hurt?" she'd ask in her concerned, sympathetic voice. She'd put the stethoscope up to my belly and say, "It sounds like bunnies hopping!" Cute, yes? Good fun. Little did either of us know that we may be in need of an actual doctor before the day was done.

I had just finished nursing Claira and laying her down for a nap when Jason got home from work yesterday...the perfect opportunity to sneak off to the mall and Gymboree's Circle of Friends sale. So, off I went to shop for new pajamas for Claira. I got a lot of great stuff for a good price so I was excited about that. I was just finishing up at the checkout when my phone rang. It was Jason, asking how long until I'd be on my way home. I told him I was leaving then and asked if Claira was fussing. "No," he responded, "but Elsie tried to climb up our dresser and it fell on top of her." I seriously stopped dead in my tracks as I tried to gather my thoughts. "Is she okay, is she hurt, what's wrong?" There must be something wrong with my baby after that. He told me she was fine, that she was sleeping. He didn't think she'd hit her head but her foot had been stuck. She could move fine. He had checked her over, and she wasn't complaining of pain anywhere, even when he applied pressure. By that time, I'd made my way to my car and ended the call with Jason. I prayed a quick prayer as I browsed through my phone numbers to find my step-mom's phone number. She's a nurse, and she occasionally gets the Elsie's sick ____________. What should I do? phone calls. She explained how to check her over and said she was probably fine. So, I got home and checked her out for myself as she slept on the couch.

I still can't imagine how scary that must've been for her or for Jason. He said her foot got caught in one of the drawers somehow so it was hard to get the dresser off of her. I admitted that I was glad I wasn't the one who had to see my baby with a large piece of furniture on top of her.

I've checked her over again today, and she seems fine still. I expected her to have a bruise or two and be sore, but she's perfectly normal. I'm amazed at how thorough God is. Not a single bruise on her. God is good.

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emily said...

oh what a relief! It could have been so much worse, and you guys are so blessed that it is okay!!