Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

My two sweet girls have me on my toes today...I feel like I've spent half the day breaking up their arguments...that's right, they're driving each other fussy. Claira is definitely at the stage where she wants to play with EVERYTHING in sight. Cameras, remote controls, phones, and any toy her big sister waves in front of her. 99 times out of 100, Elsie is completely not cool with Claira playing with whatever she's got.

Over the weekend, Elsie went to Target with me and wanted "a horse that talks like Miss Kim has." She spotted it at the Dollar Spot as soon as we walked in the door. $1 for a happy 3 year old was a good price to me so the horse came home with us. He's been a constant companion to her since then. What hasn't been fun is that Elsie likes to have him "neigh" at Claira. So, she waves the horse in front of Claira's face in an effort to make her giggle, and Claira's baby reflex kicks in. She reaches for the horse, Elsie pulls it back, looks at me and asks, "Is it fine?" Go figure. The one time she wants to share with her baby sister, I've got the horses bottom side and the words "MADE IN CHINA" staring me in the face. "No," I respond as I try to explain to my 3 year old that it's likely a $1 toy made in China has lead paint on it and we don't want Claira to get sick by chewing on it. Despite the many recent recalls for products made in China, I didn't sort out and toss every toy we own that was made in China. But, better safe than sorry, right? Poor Claira.

Tonight, Elsie and I are going on a mission to find some baby doll diapers for her baby dolls. I'm hoping WalMart sells some...anyone know? She was trying to put Claira's size 2 diapers on her tiny dolls today...it was fun to watch! She's been playing a lot with her dolls and dress up clothes lately. A lot, which is great because she's already acquired about 2 dozen dolls in her short life.

For those who might be wondering, Elsie's test results came back normal. I asked the doctor about the blood in her urine, but it turns out that there wasn't actually blood in her urine, the test just showed indicators that there MIGHT be. You'd think that doctors and nurses would be more clear about this sort of thing.

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tierd said...

That is great that the tests were normal - relief! Lainey went through a phase of telling us her "bottom hurt" when she needed to go to the bathroom. So maybe that is all it was for her? Who knows. And how wonderful that Elsie shares (1 percent of the time anyway) with Claira. Lainey wants NOTHING to do with Graham - at all. :(