Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ode to Teddy

When Elsie was an infant, I must have purchased at least half a dozen little trinkets, wanting her to have a lovey. A soft little pink blanket with satin edges and a bunny head. A multi-colored stuffed kitten. She didn't attach herself to any of them. Her first year came and went, and I'd gotten nowhere in the lovey department. For her second Christmas, we got her the Teddy Bear Nursery from Little Tikes. Being true to its name, it arrived with a teddy bear. I really didn't think too much of him. It's a simple bear. Soft, brown fur with a pale yellow ribbon tied around his neck. Elsie was still small at the time and not too interested in opening presents so we put the nursery together on Christmas Eve, opened a couple of dolls we were giving her, and set it up in her room for her to find in the morning. Christmas morning, the nursery was completely overshadowed by the play kitchen we'd also set up for her.

But, sometime over this past year, that teddy bear found himself a home in the arm's of my first daughter. I found myself searching for him when Elsie couldn't sleep at night and retrieving Teddy when she didn't feel well. His responsibilities to comfort have increased greatly since Claira has arrived. While there are times that I'm fully able to tend to each of Elsie and Claira's needs, there are other times that I'm pulled in two directions and both girls need to be soothed.

Teddy has become Elsie's friend and companion. He's got a reserved spot at all of her tea parties and is on my must-pack list when we go on a trip. He's been pushed around in her doll stroller and taken rides in Claira's baby swing.

He's been hugged, kissed, jumped over, and stomped on. Mostly, he's been loved and given love in return. He's all you could ever want from a soft little brown bear with a yellow ribbon.


Martina said...

how cute! my 12yo still has her 'loveys' - her pink bear thing, zelda and her black stuffed dog, honey.

~aj~ said...

That is so, so sweet!