Saturday, May 17, 2008


Elsie's new thing is saying stuff like, "I was just wonderin' if maybe I'm hungry" or "I was just wonderin' if maybe I'd like to talk to Daddy." It's super cute.

On Tuesday, she talked to Daddy after spending the afternoon at the doctor's office. She told him she wanted to go to Target and eat at McDonald's. Being the Daddy that he is, he caved instantly, without hesitation. So, we had McDonald's for dinner and went shopping when Jason got home. At the checkout, Elsie wanted some teddy grahams so we got some for her and gave her a small handful for the ride home. Today, she asked for a snack after lunch so I said, "Just a minute, let me get you a small bowl." She replied, "Well, remember, small bowls are for babies, and I'm a BIG girl!"

Today, Jason and Claira were napping in the recliner. I walked into the living room and noticed that Claira was awake so I said hello to her. Elsie said, "Well, I told Daddy that Claira was awake and Daddy said, 'SSHHH!'"

When Claira babbles, Elsie giggles in response and tells me "how amazin' baby Claira is!"

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~aj~ said...

These are always so great. Elsie just cracks me up!