Monday, May 12, 2008

Manic Monday

We had a very busy weekend, and now Monday is here. I'm looking around and realizing that I need to CLEAN! There's stuff everywhere.

On Saturday, Jason went to prayer in the morning and then went to pick up the carnations for Mother's Day at church. Then, Elsie and I went to a Mother's Day Tea Party Luncheon at church. It was fun to get all dressed up for a tea party. She loved it. They served all kinds of goodies...tea (obviously), fruit, various little tea sandwiches, the yummiest biscuits I've ever had, cookies and scones and cake. It was delicious. Of course, all Elsie would eat was grapes and cookies. I tried to get her to try a sandwich, and she kept telling me, "But they got things on it!" Obviously, she's remaining faithful to her plain cheese sandwich habit.

After the luncheon, we came home for a few minutes before heading out to do some shopping. I was in search of a pedestal bowl for a dessert I wanted to make, and I bought some preemie clothes. My friend, Christina, had a little boy late Thursday night. He wasn't due until July and hadn't been growing for awhile. She went in for a doctor's appointment Thursday and they admitted her to run some tests, found out that the umbilical cord was 90% blocked, and she ended up having an emergency c-section. His name is Elijah, and he's doing really well health-wise, but he's tiny...only 1 lb. 11 oz. at birth and 12 1/2 inches. I can't hardly imagine a baby that tiny. Despite his size, his doctors say he's on target with his age so that's great. And, an ultrasound had showed what they thought to be a hole in his heart, but his heart is fine and so is the rest of him. He's already gaining weight and was 1 lb. 14 oz. when I was there on Saturday. He's already a testimony!

Anyway, that brought us home late, and Jason ran out to the grocery store for us while I nursed Claira and got the girls ready for bed. Then, my sweet Jason helped make the dessert for a Mother's Day get-together we were attending. So, yesterday we had church, of course. Elsie made me a little bag of potpourri with a sweet poem and all the children hand out carnations to their mommies. Last year, I remember Elsie just wanted the flower all to herself and cried when she broke it in half. This year, she's more willing in the gift-giving department so I received my flower fully in-tact. That's bittersweet, and I laughed at myself for missing the little girl whose tears I had to soothe when she broke my flower!

After church, we came home and got ready to go to Lisa and Jerry's house. They fried some chicken, and we had a crazy amount of dessert. It was a fun time, just talking and laughing. We're blessed to have many wonderful friends to spend our time with. Oh, oh, and on the way to their house, we were driving down our road when we came across a bunch of geese so I got to see lots of little baby geese! They were absolutely adorable, and Jason indulged me when he turned around to go back home and retrieve my camera! I couldn't get too close to the geese since they took off for the water as soon as I opened the car door. But, I was excited to see them! I'll have to post a picture of them later. All in all, we had a fun day. Besides my camera which was my early Mother's Day gift, Jason picked me up a devotional on the women of the Bible that I'm looking forward to reading. He knows I've had a hard time reading as much as I'd like to since Claira arrived so I'm thankful for his thoughtfulness. I hope everyone had a wonderful day!

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~aj~ said...

Sounds like a whirlwind weekend, but a good one at that!

I can't believe how tiny your friend's baby is. I thought Drew was tiny at 6lb 15oz. I can't even wrap my head around a 1 lb baby. I certainly wish the best for him!

Happy (belated) Mother's Day to you!!!