Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I must be the stingy one.

Last night, Elsie beat me at the match game, fair and square, so I offered her a FEW m&m's as her prize. Claira was hungry so I took her to nurse and said Daddy could help her get the m&m's. Little did I know that a few to me (meaning 5 or 6, maybe up to 10) means a handful to daddy. An Elsie size handful? No, a daddy size handful. He took my astonished reaction to him emptying his shirt pocket of m&m's for Elsie to confess that he often gives in and just replies, "Sshhh..." when Elsie asks for snacks! What a turkey he is! (Now we all know where Elsie gets it. LOL!)
Anyway, a few minutes later, Elsie caught Jason sneaking an m&m from her pile. "Hey! Stop! My m&m's!" she said. Jason told her that she still had more than if Mommy had gotten them for her. "That's true." she responded. I really couldn't help but laugh because she's right. It IS true.

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