Friday, May 23, 2008

Yay for a holiday!

Last weekend, we bought a hummingbird feeder to hang in the tree in our backyard. All week long, Elsie's been asking when the "honeybirds" are coming. We haven't seen any yet...I have a feeling that the shopping center being built about 100 feet from our backyard might have something to do with it...

Elsie has kept busy this week playing dressup and being mommy to her many dolls. On any given day, you can easily find her lining up 7 or 8 dolls across the couch and tucking them in. They each have to have their own blanket, and she takes time to feed all of them and change all of their diapers. Let me tell you, 8 kids go through a lot of diapers and they spit up a lot! It cracks me up how realistic she gets with them, burping them, comforting them, getting them dressed, and singing them lullabies. She's going to be a great mommy one day.

In the meantime, she's still happy fighting with her 6 month old sister over teething rings. What would a 3 year old want with a teething ring, you ask? I have NO clue.

In Claira news, she's babbling up a storm...and actually slept for 6 hours straight last night! I did a double take when she woke up at 6 a.m. this morning. If she keeps this up, I'll be one very spoiled mama.

Jason should be home any minute now, and I'm thrilled to have a long weekend with him! Our regular weekends get filled up rather quickly. Jason attends men's prayer on Saturday mornings, and this Sunday we have church and small group so add the regular grocery shopping, household chores, and just taking care of the girls doesn't always leave us with a sizable amount of good family time or do nothing time. Hopefully, we'll be able to get done everything we need to by Sunday evening so we can do nothing but enjoy our little family on Monday. That would be a perfect weekend. Actually, next week Jason has off Monday and Friday. A week from today, we'll be visiting family in Indiana and bringing my Mom back to Illinois with us. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone and to getting my Mom all to myself! Well, not all to myself since I'm sure Elsie would raise a ruckus about that.

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~aj~ said...

Enjoy your holiday weekend! We're also totally excited about the extra day. 2 is just never enough!