Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Beware!

Earlier today, the girls and I were in Elsie's room packing for our trip to Missouri. Elsie was playing at her toy vanity, I was packing, and Claira was watching us from her Bumbo. I heard the dryer signal, and I left the girls to check the dryer. While I was away, Elsie came in...
Elsie-Mommy, Claira's taking a nap!
Mommy-In her Bumbo?
Elsie-No, she's laying down on the floor!
Mommy-How did she get there? (As I pick up the pace and high tail it back to Elsie's room)
Elsie-See, I tucked her in!

I get back to the room, and sure enough, Claira's happy as can be enjoying some tummy time on the floor surrounded by a couple of blankets from Elsie's bed (her apparent effort to "tuck her in"). I asked Elsie how she got there, and she proudly said, "I carried her!"

Oh boy...
NOTE TO SELF: Do not leave your baby attended by your 3 year old for any amount of time at all!

Luckily, Claira seemed as happy as can be, and I never heard her cry or anything so I'm sure she's fine, but oh...goodness.

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emily said...

Yikes! Glad all turned out fine! It's a cute idea, in THEORY... :) Good luck travelling. How long is the drive?