Sunday, March 2, 2008

Help! How do you make toast?

LOL! As I type, Elsie is in the kitchen, near tears, crying that she wants toast. Now, I eat toast quite often, but she has yet to actually try it. So, this morning when she requested toast, Jason asked me how she likes it. I told him I have no idea. So, he made some toast and just put butter on it. Elsie's response to toast: NO! I don't like that toast. That's not toast! I want the other toast!

So, we spend a good fifteen minutes trying to figure out what on Earth she means. Does she want jelly on her toast? Does she want a little cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on her toast? NO!

Jason figured it out. She wants FRENCH toast...quite different from regular toast.

Anyway, her pickiness with food just seems to get worse and worse. I made ravioli for dinner the other know, the kind you get in the refrigerated section of the supermarket and just add your own sauce to. Well, it had beef in the middle. The pieces of ravioli are quite large so I always cut Elsie's for her. She spotted a piece of the beef, and it took us 15 minutes just to get her to try a bite. The girl loves the stuff, and eats it regularly, usually asks for seconds. Not this time. She didn't even finish her first helping.

Yesterday, we made a trip to the new supercenter, and while Jason was picking out a bag of salad, Elsie spotted the strawberries and had to have them. So, I got some strawberries and other stuff to make strawberry shortcake. She talked about those strawberries the entire way home and all the way through her dinner. After dinner, Jason started making dessert, and Elsie wanted just strawberries so he cut some up for her. She ate the first helping with no complaints, asked for more, and then started to complain that the strawberries were red! She only wants white strawberries. So, none of the second helping were eaten. She's turning into such a turkey about food!


~aj~ said...

Toddlers and their pickiness...drives me crazy! At least Elsie had one serving of ravioli. Adam has never once put a piece of pasta in his mouth. Not even mac n cheese. What is wrong with this kid?!

Oh and now I'm having a major craving for strawberry shortcake. YUM!

fiddleheadfern said...

I just started working for a specialty food company,, and although I don't have kids of my own, we have six nieces and nephews that frequent our house and being the "cool" aunt and uncle we like to serve delicious kid-friendly fare. Our site offers a line of "adult" ravioli (w/ fillings like lobster, osso bucco, etc.), but Nuovo the company that provides our pasta has a line of very cool kid pasta - cheese filled multi-colored fish shaped pasta. It doesn't get any more fun than that! But you never know what will strike their fancy. This weekend we tried frog legs (this was going out on a limb for me) and my 5 year old nephew was thrilled (they did taste like chicken nuggets after being run through the deep fryer! He ate a ton and then was jumping around like a frog for the rest of the evening.